Dark, gray clouds hover over Fatty Graden’s life. On the surface, as one Australia’s preeminent motor traders, he’s a champion and underdog in the eyes of the working class, a man willing to take a stand against corrupt factions within the police force. To them, he’s an underworld figure, a “Person-Of-Interest.”

Deep down, he’s hounded by the gruesome murder of his young son, the result of a botched attempt on his own life. Robbed of fatherhood, he finds himself consumed with hatred and revenge against those responsible.

Parramatta Road, the real-life mecca, heart and soul of Australia’s car industry, is where Fatty has made his fortune. Living high on the hog, he’s an upbeat, middle-of-the-road, very charming but ruthless con man who works admirably to beat the system.

Being at the top of the heap has its price. Fatty has made enemies during his climb. Many want to bring him down, including a gorgeous siren. Facing ruin, he and a trusted crew execute a daring heist and hijack a valuable truck shipment of Mercedes cars; his inventory no less, and divert it to a chop-shop in rural Queensland. The cops get wind of it and close in.

The movie’s finale: revenge is a dish best served cold, but redemption, with the help of a good woman, is a heat that fills the soul.