DUE OUT 2008 - (Book)

MILE MARKERS is a sizzling collection of short stories, and continues on from the first novel, Magic Mile. Those include: Benny Wong’s band of dreaded Tongs, having once kidnapped young Dillon, Fatty’s dead son, goes after Marilynn, Fatty’s fiancee, forcing the big man’s hand ~ Fatty’s run-in with a cutthroat gang of Chinese Triads trafficking stolen car parts ~ the fate of Julie Moss, a beautiful siren, and her murder trial, a very public affair ~ Johnny Millhouse’s meteoric rise in Fatty’s empire and the gaming house, a Two-Up joint, he opens behind the dealership, only to battle bent politicians and mafioso wanting ‘in’ ~ how far policeman Harry Edwards, a desperate, hateful man, will go to erase James “Fatty” Graden from the planet once and for all.

This tells the rest of the story Magic Mile left you wondering about. (Made for television)

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A wild ride. The car business will never be the same.

Austin Statesman

The next Sopranos!

Dallas Observer



DUE OUT 2008 - (Book / Screenplay)

A Manchu warlord, on a mission to return modern-day China to Dynastic rule, poisons the U.S. President and replaces him with one of his own, a dangerous extremist, as he attacks Taiwan, threatening nuclear armaggedon.

Shanhaiguan Pass, a fortress at the Great Wall and, once, guardian to ancient China, will serve as its people's last hope.

LINE OF SUCCESSION is a political military action thriller and the first book in the Call Reid series.

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DUE OUT late-2008 - (Book)

The richest man in the world and knighted by the Queen, Sir Joseph Tan is a ruthless Tong mobster with a ton of enemies. He owns Macau, the new casino playground for rich jet setters outside Hong Kong, has snapped up sizable land holdings in Dubai behind the backs of billionaire Arabs that hate him, and controls governments wherever he trades.

The first private citizen to own the new millennia super-plane, a $200 million dollar commercial 787 "Dreamliner," is a crowning achievement to Sir Jo’s fortune and position, which breeds contempt from many international power brokers. It is a status symbol they wish this wheeler-dealer not to have. With as much protection as he has, he thinks he’s golden. He has it all, so it seems. Yet, as wily as he is, there is a person he does not suspect, someone who will kill for it all, whatever the cost.

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CLASSWARS: the middle class is dead, the revolution begins

DUE OUT 2010 - (Documentary)

The working class, in the course of its development, will substitute for the old civil society an association which will exclude classes and their antagonism, and there will be no more political power as such, since political power is precisely the official expression of antagonism in civil society.

Meanwhile the antagonism between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie is a struggle of class against class, a struggle which, carried to its highest expression, is a total revolution. 

— Karl Marx, from The Poverty of Philosophy

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