The richest man in the world is a ruthless Chinese mobster with a ton of enemies. Self made with a penchant for gambling and beautiful women, Benny Tan owns the lush island hideaway of Abora, the new casino playground for rich jet setters with a strict invitation-only policy, and it�s just the beginning. To the opposite sex, he�s intriguing, powerful, has the chiseled looks and youthful charm of 007, and is in high demand. The first to own the new millennia super-plane, a $200 million commercial 787 "Dreamliner," #01 off Boeing�s assembly line, has bred contempt from many international power brokers. It is a status symbol they wish Tan who controls governments worldwide not to have. With as much protection as he has, he thinks the unthinkable remains thinkable. He has it all, so it seems. Yet, as bulletproof as he imagines himself to be, there is a person he does not suspect, someone who will kill for it all, whatever the cost.

Due out late-2008
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